Where do you get Japanese jackets?

It seems that many people buy favorite clothes at online shopping now. Although online shopping is convenient, here let's introduce the methods to buy Sukajan. When you hesitate "Where to buy", please refer to this article.

Dobuita Street

You have to come to Japan, but ... The first thing I will introduce is "Dobuita Street" in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture! Dobuita Street is located just in front of the US military base, about 120 stores such as old-fashioned Sukajan specialty shops, embroidery shops, portrait shops, souvenir shops and others are on the street about 300 meters wide.

Yokosuka is the home of Sukajan. Sukajan is said to be an abbreviation for Yokosuka jumper. Dobuita's Sukajan has been chosen as one of the 100 famous Kanagawa specialties. Embroidery with an oriental taste attracts the hearts of many people♪ Some people say that "Because you buy in Yokosuka, it becomes Sukajan, if you buy it elsewhere, you get ordinary embroidered jumpers".

By the way, why did it come to be called "Dobuita Street"? ... It originated from the fact that an iron plate(Plate is called "Ita" in Japanese.) was laid in the ditch River(Ditch is called "Dobu" in Japanese.), which was in the middle of the road a long time ago.


As well as above, you have to come to Japan, but ... "Ameyoko" is also one of the well-known places in Sukajan. Ameyoko is a shopping street of about 400 meters which extends from Okachimachi station to Ueno station in Taito-ku, Tokyo, and there're 400 stores side by side.

This "Ameyoko" is an abbreviation, the official name is "Ameya Yokocho". It is said that it became known as "Ameya Yokocho" from the fact that many American products such as US military released goods were sold in the past, and many candy shops were sold(Candy is called "Ame" in Japanese.).

At Ameyoko's center building, there is a special shop in Sukajan which is considered to be the only one in Tokyo, and a lot of fans are visiting. Embroidery made by a craftsman who is faithfully reproducing the atmosphere of the birth of Sukajan has been popular! In addition, there are several shops in Sukajan around Ameyoko, so it will be fun walking with a ladder♪

Flea market

If you are not interested in specialty shops or brands, you may also search for a favorite in the flea market. Sometimes quality items are sold cheaply! It happens that people who are not familiar with Sukajan sell good jackets without knowing themselves unexpectedly.

Also, if flea market, I think that you can buy any jackets cheaper than buying them at the shop as a whole. There is a possibility to negotiate the price♪ As a precaution when you buy at the flea market, in case of clothing, check carefully before dirts and fritters before purchasing.


As with the flea market, you may find the bargain jackets at auction sites like ebay. Sometimes they are sold at the reasonable price. When using the net auction, you are required to have the ability to judge whether it is a good seller, such as "whether the condition is correctly described".

Online store

Finally, if you buy Sukajan, it is recommended that you buy it at an online shop specializing in Sukajan! Above all, there is a feeling of safety than buying at auction. Because most of the shops deals directly with the manufacturers, it is safe without the risk that the fake is sold♪ Of course, we stock Sukajan from the manufacturer!