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SUKAJACK is specialty store of Souvenir Jacket, which is the only western cloth originated from Japan. SUKAJACK affair is located in Japan and is operated by Japanese.

Originally, after World War II, in Yokosuka the Souvenir Jacket was born by embroidered Japanese patterns onto soldiers' jackets.

While possessing 70's tradition, the Sukajan is popular, has 21st trend and makes Japanese eyesight jumping out to the world fashion. In recent, it combines street and makes a new fashion. As a symbol of fashion in modern times, many famous people, favored regardless of gender in a wide range, loves wearing Souvenir Jacket. 

Nowadays, the price of Souvenir Jacket varies. In comparison of cheap Sukajan and expensive Sukajan, the quality of embroideries, design and materials are different. At present, it's hard to buy popular Sukajan with brand name on abroad and, as well, it's full of cheap and generic Sukajan oversea. For these customers, in SUKAJACK, as the location of origin of Japanese Jacket, brand name Sukajans popular in Japan are available.

We treat leading japanese famous brands include HANATABIGAKUDAN, SATORI, JAPANESQUE, HOUSTON, TAILOR TOYO and so on.

SUKAJACK offers Free Worldwide Shipping from Japan. What's more, for the online shop, to solve the problem of that customers choose wrong size, all goods are exchangeable.

"You buy, then you satisfy." is our hope from the heart!