The fashion that the popular Army taste is well incorporated is so cool!

Talking about Army fashion, representative MA-1 and Sukajan are popular, but do you know "Vietnam Souvenir Jacket"?

Basically both Sukajan and Vietnam Jacket are actually the same items, but the details are different.

The basic of Vietnam Jacket

Here's a quick review on Vietnam Jacket. Vietnam Souvenir Jacket is also called "Vietnam Jumper". It is a big feature that maps of Vietnam, place names such as HANOI, motifs like Vietnam are designed.

Comparison with Sukajan 1 "Cloth"

While Sukajan embroidered Japanese patterns on their jackets while US soldiers staying in Yokosuka, Vietnam Jacket was tailored for the items used during the war.

Therefore, Sukajan has many materials for outerwear such as nylon, satin, velor and so on, and Vietnam Jacket is based on strong materials such as thick nylon and fabric materials for tents.

Comparison with Sukajan 2 "Embroidery"

In Sukajan and Vietnam Jacket, the difference in embroidery also has features.

Vietnam Jacket's embroidery, as well as the difference between map, place name and motif "Japan" or "Vietnam", is considerably looser than the Sukajan embroidery that Japanese craftsman embroidered. It can also be said that bad quality is giving a good taste in the opposite way.

And, because it is a tailoring product for military materials, it is also characterized by fewer numbers than Sukajan. Vintage items are rare and expensive.

I want Vietjun! What is the point of purchase?

As mentioned earlier, vintage Vietnam Jacket has high rarity value and few numbers. Furthermore, it is not very practical as it is not originally a fabric for outerwear.

In recent years, the popularity has tended to rise, while prices are close to 100,000 yen. Therefore, it is the reprinted version of vintage that is recommended for those who "can not afford to buy it".

Since the fabric is a modern one, not only practical as a coat, as well as the poorness of embroidery has been well reproduced.

Recommended Vietnam Jacket brand 1 "Toyo Tailor"

"Toyo Taylor" is what I want you to check first when purchasing Vietnam Jacket.

Toyo Taylor is a professional in Souvenir jacket manufacturing in the 1950s, that delivers 95% of Sukajan to the US military base after the war. From around the end of the war to the present age, they have been making Souvenir jackets for more than half a century.

Recommended Vietnam Jacket brand 2 "HOUSTON"

"HOUSTON" remodeled the military goods in 1947 and manufactured the first flight jacket in Japan.

Bettojan of "HUSTON" which is handling military wear stuck for many years also has a reputation. The price range is easier to buy than those of "Toyo Tailor".

Recommended Vietnam Jacket brand 3 "ALPHA"

The familiar with MA - 1 is "ALPHA INDUSTRIES" of US military brand "ALPHA".

They have contracted with the US Department of Defense since 1959 and have in fact delivered over 40 million wearable military jackets.

The jacket of "ALPHA" which continues to respond to the request for quality improvement from the US military has not only its functionality but also a high reputation for the high design quality cultivated in town youth.


How did you like it?

For girls who have resistance to Sukajan, "Vietnam Jacket" may be easier to wear. There is no shiny like Sukajan, you can produce a calm atmosphere!

There are brands that we do not handle in our shop, but please try Vietnam Jacket coordination.