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Ways to Wear Souvenir Jacket for Women!

Sukajan is not a clothing that only men wear. With the recent boom, it is becoming popular among women. Beginners can not figure out how to dress well. Here, i will introduce how to dress cute for such women!

Recommended for women!

Sometimes popular celebrities are wearing a Sukajan on TV programs, and now Sukajan is gaining attention not only for men but also for women! As a casual item that you can wear casually, there seems to be an increasing number of women thinking to wear Sukajan. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is wearing too!

However, there are many people who do not really know how to dress in fact. There is no difference between ladies and men in Sukajan. If you choose a small size of men's, you can wear it even with a woman. Let's choose the size just or tight. In addition, black and gold are preferred colors. Girls' designs like rabbits, butterflies, cherry blossoms are preferred.

It is also wonderful to wear a same Sukajan with a couple♪ In the past there was an image "Sukajan = Bad boy" in Japan, but now such consciousness also has been faded. I will show you how to choose Sukajan for women and dress cute! Please refer to it when purchasing.

Cotton is recommended for women!

In the case of women, there are also people who are not good at Sukajan's glittering feeling. Recommended for such a person is a cotton material.

The cotton gives a very calm impression. Also, by opening the front zipper and showing the inner you are wearing in, you can express femininity.

Depending on the color, the cotton bomber jacket may look a little thick. So it is better to show as much inner as possible. Feminine appearance can be put out by wearing a cute inner♪

When wearing a masculine Sukajan?

Occasionally, some people think that they want to wear a masculine Sukajan. When wearing a jacket with powerful and flashy design, you should choose something tight!

For the inner, it is recommended to fit sleeveless shirt or T-shirt of pastel colors such as white or pale pink. Balanced sweet spicy coordination is completed!

In the case of women, whatever type of Sukajan you can dress well by wearing the cute inner. Then you can wear it with refreshing if you make the accessories discreet.

How to choose bottoms

For bottoms that match Sukajan, jeans are recommended for women too! If you choose pants type, please choose slim jeans like skinny pants.

Also, as a dress unique to women, there are combinations with denim miniskirt, shorts, leggings. Especially in combination with a mini skirt, it is very cute♪ If you change to color tights instead of leggings, it will be more modern!

  • Dec 08, 2016
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