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When shopping online,

It may be uneasy whether the order you ordered will arrive properly.


"What if the size is different?"

"What if there are scratches on the jacket?"


It becomes uneasy especially when shopping for high items.

I can understand that feeling!


So at our shop before shipping jackets from Japan,

we always inspect each one individually!


· Is the size and color wrong?

· Is the tag attached?

· Is there a big fray of the thread?

· Is there a big scratch on the fabric?

*Due to the feature of the bomber jacket, small scratches and fray will occur.


If any of the above applies, We will return it to the supplier.

Then, we will show you the inspection work scenery of our shop.

This is a part of shipping today.


First, carefully pull out the japanese jacket from the bag.

We will check one by one for fraying and scratches.

Check whether the tag is attached properly, the size and color are correct.


If there is no problem, return it to the bag as it is.

After that, we pack the Sukajan and send it out by EMS.


We carefully handle items :)

I would be happy if you could purchase with confidence!!