Souvenir Jacket is cute for girls!

Souvenir Jacket is cool for adult women!

The sweet and spicy MIX coordination combined with the bomber jacket of the boyish image is very popular♪

Ladies who are successfully dressed in sukajan look fashionable!


For women fashion is one of the worthwhile things♪

Wearing new clothes and nice clothes makes you feel very fresh!


So today,

I would like to introduce the fashionable way of dressing Souvenir jacket, the coordination of the ladies version♪

Let's challenge those who want to enjoy a different outfit♪♪


Pink × Blue jeans x Sneaker

Roll up pale color denim!

It is perfect for this season of spring by showing the ankle♪

Navy × Striped inner × Gray knit

Inner stripe pattern is the main character♪

Gray knit cap is cute too♡

Beige pink × Denim × Converse all star

It is a casual style that combined jacket with All Star♪

It is becoming a rough image by wearing a big sukajan!

Pale pink × Blue denim

Pale pink gives a soft impression♪

It is an American casual dress!

Black × Jumpsuits × Black pants

It is fresh to wear it on the overalls♪

Small items and bags will have unified feeling when you match the colors!

White × Gaucho pants

It is a fresh image with white♪

Sharpness with Gaucho pants with pattern!

Black × White turtleneck × Black pants

It is a cool impression that gathered up in monotone color overall!

Lipstick is attractive

White × Blue denim × Sandals

Refreshing cool impression with sandals!

Straw hat and sunglasses are also nice ♪

Black × Border T-shirt × Jean jacket

Springlike style incorporating Border T-shirt and Blue Denim!

It is also good to wear a jean jacket and a souvenir jacket ♪

Black × Military skirt × Converse hi-cut

Coordinate fun skirt & converse!

Red plaid shirts make a good accent♪

Aqua × Wide denim × Backpack

It is a boyish coordination folded back thickly at the hem of wide denim!

There is a sense of street ♪

Pink × V-neck shirt x Denim maxi skirt

The cut off at the hem of wide maxi skirt is a point♪

The design of japanese jacket has a big impact.

Black × Pink cutsew x Denim

Casual Sukajan is perfect for sporty coordination! Especially the black × white Sukajan is easy to fit anything◎

Pink × White T-shirts × Black skinny pants

Coloring is exquisite!

It looks like Korean style♪

Red × White knit × Blue skinny jeans

Denim × Souvenir jacket is still sure!

Basic denim style will also become a trend at once♡

Khaki × Purple kint shirt × Wide pants

It is stylish to match the trend waist ribbon wide pants♪

It is recommended to balance the feeling of beautiful pants and the wild feeling of Sukajan!

Green × Wide pants × High-heeled shoes

Because the length of the jacket is short, compatibility with wide pants is outstanding♪

By skillfully making mode style other than souvenir jacket, souvenir jacket will be active!


How was it?

Whether it's sneakers or boots, casual or formal, jeans or skirts, sukajan will suit anything:)

However, the combination with denim is a classic and popular♪

We have a wealth of color and design at our shop :)

I think women can choose by intuition with color and design! It is!

Because it is reversible, it is possible to use it according to your mood♪



"This color is good, but what should the inner wear?" 

"Height is ○○ cm, weight is ○○ kg, but what size is good?"

We will also propose coordination and sizes♪

Customer satisfaction,

It is a moment that I can feel from my heart that I am "good" :)

If you have any question,

please feel free to contact us♪

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We kindly ask for your continued cooperation♪