Souvenir Jacket is a fashion loved by the people of the world now.

Souvenir Jacket has become a boom in recent years.

Fashionable people in the world are wearing. 




"I do not have fashion sense for myself. Even if I bought a Sukajan, would I be able to get along well? "

"What will it be like when I wear this jacket ...?"

"What should I wear to the inner?"


There are also a lot of people who are worried, Is it!?


The wild atmosphere is preeminent, it is a useful item to add to any coordination unexpectedly.

However, some people feel that it is hard to introduce due to a slightly flashy impression. . .


So today, in order to refer to you Men's version,

I will introduce various coordination styles♪


Khaki × Gray parka × Denim jeans

Pullover parka is used♪

It is a monotone style, but the pattern of Sukajan is added with accent!

Black × Gray t-shirt × White pants

Beautiful white atmosphere is a keynote ♪

The whole is tightened with leather shoes!

Blue × Beige × Black

Retro color♪

It is somewhat of a long length inner and plus trend feeling!

Black × Gray t-shirt × Denim jeans

Long length inner♪

It has a street taste atmosphere!

Black × White hoodie × Black skinny jeans

It is tight pants♪

Casual items are combined with a beautiful silhouette!

Black × White t-shirts × Black pants

There is a simple street feeling♪

It is a sophisticated image by choosing a bomber jacket that is not too flashy!

Black × White t-shirts × Black pants

The cap is a good accent♪

It is a street style with a little relaxed pants!

Navy × Navy cutsew × Blue jeans

It is fresh image with blue♪

Inner's layered style is also cool!

Navy × Brown × Cargo pants

t is a coordination which chose loose pants♪

The size of tops is slightly tight!

Black × Gray sweat × Blue denim

It's an American Casual mens style♪

By sunglasses, cigaret and cap, it has become an impudent impression!

Khaki × White shirt × Denim

It is beautifully arranged together♪

The tight pants are also working!

Black × Black Parka × Denim

Sukajan is combined with a big hat♪

The simple dressing suits long hair!

Navy × White cutsew × Gray sweat pants

It is a rough outfit with sweat pants♪

New Balance shoes matched exquisitely!

Navy × Wide jeans

It is a style using a short bomber jacket♪

Wide pants are also effective, dressed in old clothes taste!

Black × Gray turtle neck × Gray slacks

Slacks are used♪

Sukajan is preeminent in combination with beautiful items!

Khaki × White sweat × Cargo pants

It is a coordination with a sense of unity that gathered up with items of khaki♪

White item with good compatibility is used!

Gold × White knit × Black skinny trousers

Gold's sukajan is the main character♪

It is stylish to finish in narrow silhouette overall!

Navy × White shirt × Black pants

Formal dress that combines shiny navy jacket and white shirt♪

Overall it is simple and cool!

Pink × White t-shirts × Black pants

Pink sukajan is producing a fresh image♪

White shirts will fit the pink sukajan of satin fabric!


How was it?

Were you able to image a little?

It is easy to catch the image when looking at the picture!

I hope to continue introducing various outfits in the future :)



"This color is good, but what should the inner wear?" 

"Height is ○○ cm, weight is ○○ kg, but what size is good?" 


We will also propose coordination and sizes♪

Customer satisfaction,

It is a moment that I can feel from my heart that I am "good" :)

If you have any question,

please feel free to contact us♪ 

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We kindly ask for your continued cooperation♪