Souvenir jacket has been seen on streets everyday this season. It used to be an item worn only by crazy vintage lovers and American casual style fanatics.

However, it became a trendy item after big brands from western countries showed them in their runway shows. What attracted those top brands enough to bring it into their show is the unique embroideries that reflects Japanese culture on the jackets.

One more thing is the traditional embroidery technique is being valued way more than before since craftsmanship has recently started being looked at as a “cool thing”.

In spite of the fact that sukajan jacket is becoming one of the most trendy item this season, it might be hard for some of you to include it in your outfit since it is usually quite colorful and loud. Especially for men in their 30s, sukajan jacket could look too childish.

The item itself stands out a lot, so it could also look like an outdated street or vintageish seeming outfit.

This time, we would like to introduce styling tips to build mature sophisticated looks with souvenir jacket.

Mature sukajan jacket look with a simple top


Casual look with a hoodie

Soft look with a hoodie


A hoodie goes well with a souvenir jacket which often looks hard. Adding a hoodie as a top softens the mood of the outfit, and it would be a well balanced casual look.

Mixing multiple styles is a technique often used to make your outfit stylish, but doing it with an item that stands out like sukajan jacket would make it look even cooler.

Wearing two items that are in opposite styles such as biker jacket and sweatpants balances out the whole outfit.

High fashion sukajan look with an accent of white top

Mature high fashion look with a white t-shirt

One thing to keep in mind when you style a sukajan jacket is to make it look high fashion.

On the other hand, a thing not to do is to mix it with American casual or cheap vintage look. It is also pretty bad to mix it in young gang style.

High fashion should be presented by major brands. An outfit with sukajan jacket and white t-shirt would make an mature and clean sophisticated look.

A sukajan jacket with dark colors such as navy and black to wear with a plain white t-shirt would instantly build a sophisticated high fashion look. It would make it look European instead of American.


What did you guys think? There might have been quite a number of people hesitating wearing a sukajan jacket. However, it actually is a versatile item if you know how to style it.

The only point to build an updated mature look is to keep it simple and high fashion. Let’s enjoy dressing up with sukajan jacket for the coming season!