Outstanding from tremendous garments, the sukajan is more popular than any other items. Today, we are going to introduce two new arrival popular sukajan brands in SUKAJACK. We will focus on brands’ features, attractiveness and fashionable dressing way that all never want to miss.

1.Today’s two brands 


The first sukajan brand is LOWBLOW KNUCKLE. 

Born in 2009, the Japanese brand, “LOWBLOW KNUCKEL”, was inspired by American cultures, such as rock, bike, hot rod, and so on. And then, the brand launched lots of fashionable items.

1-2.Pandiesta Japan

The second Japanese sukajan brand is "Pandiesta Japan". While American male-styling items are fashionable, brand icon and cute panda characters plus give you more popular feature.

2. Features, attractiveness and key point to dress of LOWBLOW KNUCKLE


The feature of LOWBLOW KNUCKLE is delicate embroideries and stitches. By adding concept of Japanese culture, the new brand "Nishiki (錦(ニシキ))" was born. So, their embroideries and stitch skill of Japanese pattern of design is experienced.

In addition, LOWBLOW KNUCKLE's embroideries, which are embroidered carefully in every detail, show not only their beautiful appearance but also gorgeous coloring at the first glance. There is another surprise. Carefully sewed sukajan makes you satisfied for fading color along with using time and, as well, is the item never out of fashion.


Speaking of the attractiveness of LOWBLOW KNUCKLE, people think of their lots of co-products. In 2018, LOWBLOW KNUCKLE has co-products with several other brands such as American popular cartoon "Betty Boop" and American famous riders brand "Vanson". 

2-3.Fashionable way to dress 

The way to dress with LOWBLOW KNUBKLE is to match up with simple shorts. With many colorful embroideries or pop patterns, the denim or chino pants with simple design are well-matched to be mature. Especially, the sukajan collaborated with Betty Boop is colorful, suitable to dress with dark coloring pants or denims perfectly.

3. Features, attractiveness and key point to dress of Pandiesta Japan 


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"Cute" is the way the Pandiesta Japan is. The brand icon, panda character, is embroidered carefully onto their products. This changes the hard image of sukajan to cute image. The panda flying, the panda wearing suit or the panda relaxing, and so on, every tiny different design of every pandas on sukajan is the conspicuous feature of the way the sukajan making you happy.


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The attractiveness of Pandiesta Japan is beautiful embroideries and ample designs. The series brands, Nishiki or LOWBLOW KNUCKLE, trained proficient power of embroidery and sewing. This point develops well on Pandiesta Japan's sukajan. Besides the lovely panda characters, beautiful patterns and word embroideries and abundance of design are attractive so much. What's more, it's charming, as well, to wear the item as parent-child outfit or couple outfit.

3-3.Fashionable way to dress 

The key is not to be childish. With embroideries of cute panda characters, the Pandiesta Japan's sukajan is prone to make you childish if you match up with the wrong items. So, be fashionable by dress up with masculinized items, such as black skinny pants or damaged denim, as you can as possible. 

On the other hand, to wear simple sweater or cut and sew attire as tops together has cool and mature image. For the circumstance to be eye-catching, combining with embroideries on sukajan, monotonous but colorful tops will be good choice for layered style.


LOWBLOW KNUCKLE or Pandiesta Japan's sukajan are popular for very wide age group. Besides, beautiful embroideries and delicate quality are wonderful item for long-time use. To male and female, ones have to focus on both brands and never miss them.