Summer has passed away in Japan, and it is a completely autumnal atmosphere.
It's getting chilly, so let's not catch a cold!

Well, today is an introduction of new products from JAPANESQUE.

[JAPANESQUE] Plum and Bush Warbler Reversible Sukajan

[JAPANESQUE] Sparrow and Kayabuki Roof House Reversible Sukajan

[JAPANESQUE] RANCHU Reversible Souvenir Jacket

[JAPANESQUE] Crane on the Moon Reversible Souvenir Jacket

[JAPANESQUE] Plum and Panda Reversible Souvenir Jacket

Ranchu jacket is especially popular!
Ranchu is a goldfish characterized by a round shape like an egg.
Ran means egg(卵) in Japanese.

The best season to wear souvenir jackets will come soon.
Please check this opportunity by all means!