Sukajan jacket has become one of the must-have items as a stylish man. It is good to have one also because it could be worn all year. In this article, you will see how to choose a right sukajan jacket for you, and the ways to style them. We will also introduce sample outfits with souvenir jackets in popular colors and for different scenes.

How to choose a right jacket for you

1. Design of embroidery

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The first thing to think about when choosing a sukajan jacket is the design of embroidery. There are two types of sukajan jacket- the ones with embroidery designs and the ones without them. When a sukajan jacket has designs, they would often be asian culture inspired designs such as tiger, dragon, eagle embroideries at the back and chest. The solid sukajan works well if you want to style yourself a clean and simple outfits.

2. Size


The second thing to think about is how it lays on you. if you like to look mature and clean, choose the one that is your size. However, if you like loose silhouettes and easy casual looks, choosing a sukajan that’s one or two size bigger would easily achieve the oversize look.

How to build stylish looks with souvenir jackets

1. Silhoulette

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One simple way to style your sukajan jacket is to balance out your whole outfit based on the size of the jacket. If your sukajan is tight-fit, wearing it with other items that are close-fitting to your body makes a stylish outfit. Adding accessories such as sunglasses and hats is also recommended.

2. Match the colors


The other good way to style it is matching the colors of sukajan jacket with other items in the outfit such as pants and shoes. If your jacket is a solid one color, wearing it with the other items in the same color would easily make a stylish one color outfit. We also recommend to match colors of embroidery designs of the jacket and the other items to wear.

(For different scenes and styles) 8 hand picked stylish sukajan outfits

1. (Sophisticated) Sukajan jacket for men's outfit

1-1. Blue sukajan and chino pants


This classy outfit with beige sweater and blue sukajan jacket looks clean and simple while making the jacket stand out by matching the color of the sweater and pants. He also shows his hip white socks and put the whole look together with black accessories such as his sunglasses, shoes and hat.

1-2. Pink sukajan jacket and brown pants


By choosing a tight-fit jacket, he is bringing this pastel pink into a mature look. Wearing it with baggy brown pants and black pairs of boots adds more masculinity to this whole outfit.

2. (Oversized) sukajan jacket for men's outfit

2-1. Red sukajan and turtleneck top


The point of this outfit with the oversized red sukajan is tucking the black top into the beige chino pants. Adding the sacoche cross body bag and black sneakers makes this look more trendy.

2-2. Black sukajan jacket and black pants


This outfit with oversized black sukajan is made with the simple white top and the black pairs of pants. The wide rolled bottom of the pants and classy brown suede shoes are also important parts of this outfit.

3. (Solid) sukajan jacket outfits for men's

3-1. Solid black sukajan and printed top


He is wearing a solid black sukajan with the black and gray stripe top. A simple pair of beige chino and a pairs of trendy leopard shoes are also added. Wearing them with a beret and glasses makes this whole look modest and mature.

3-2. Solid navy sukajan jacket and black items


In this outfit with a solid navy jacket, all the other items worn are black. The black turtleneck top, tapered pants and leather shoes are making this outfit classy. The khaki color on the sleeves and long hanging belt are also cool.

4. (Popular colors) sukajan jacket for men's outfit

4-1. Blue sukajan jacket and printed t-shirt


This blue sukajan outfit is put together with matching colors of the jacket and embroidered design to the t-shirt. In comparison to the fun use of colors at the top body, the bottom part looks more masculine with black skinny pants and zebra printed shoes.

4-2. Black sukajan jacket and green hoodie

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The black sukajan is worn with a green hoodie which matches with the embroidery on the back of the jacket. The peeking white socks under rolled bottom of the beige chino and the black pair of sneakers make this whole look very chic.

Let's enjoy men's fashion with sukajan jacket

Sukajan jacket is actually a very versatile item that could not only be worn in a casual outfit but also in a mature classy look. It is quite easy to find your favorite one since there are many different styles of sukajan. We hope you will enjoy building cool looks with your souvenir jacket!