Next to Louis Vuitton, souvenir jacket has been announced from GUCCI♪

The material is quilting, the design is a pornographic picture of the ukiyoe! In Japanese, the art is called "Shunga". The Gucci logo is a luxurious finish decorated with pearls. From the pink color, more erotic images are brought out.

Below is the summary of the collection.

"The Gucci logo is a brand hieroglyph, it makes everything powerful, the biggest decoration, and the biggest pop symbol, so I love the logo." - As creative director Alessandro Michele says, from "GUCCI" A signature newly interpreted the logo appeared.

In the new 2018 Cruise Collection, from the crown to the motif of the Erotic picture, it is colored with a creation that symbolizes tradition and innovation.

At the first show at Galleria Palatina in Palazzo Pitti in the city of Florence was announced at the show, a total of 115 looks co-starred with the eclecticism unique to Michele and the beauty of the Renaissance. Symbolic double G was scattered from wear to accessories, and the new words "GUCCY" "GUCCIFY" "GUCCIFICATION" representing brands stand out.

It is surprising that sukajan will be sold from GUCCI just after Louis Vuitton!

It seems that souvenir jacket gets more and more attention globally from the boom of MA-1.

You should also take advantage of sukajan in fashion as soon as possible!

Gucci Cruise 2018 Fashion Show