As long as you are wearing Sukajan, it gets dirty gradually. 

As stain on the embroidery parts stands out, you need to be careful. 

You don't have to clean it so frequently, but if you accidentally get dirty, it will be helpful to know simple maintenance methods.

How to wash at home

To be honest, there are not many people like washing sukajan by myself. Despite the difference in size, many of sukajan have been decorated with some sort of embroidery.

If you wash it yourself, it may be taken away, so most people will take it for cleaning. 

However, some people think that "I like washing my favorite Sukajan with my own hands!" 

So let's put down how to wash at home.

1. Turn inside out

When your sukajan is reversible and you do not know which is behind, please leave the non-embroidered side to the outside.

2. Put it in a laundry net and do the laundry

Let's set the strength of water at washing weakest.

3. Choose an unbleached detergent

Never use bleach!

4. Naturally dry without using a dryer

When hanging, please be careful not to catch embroidery on the rod.

5. Do not iron

Embroidery may get frayed or it may melt depending on the type of fabric.

What if the embroidery is frayed?

“Although i tried washing at home, I noticed the embroidery was frayed ….” “I got worn and frayed naturally ….”

The embroidery can be said to be the most delicate part. Let’s see how to repair when embroidery has become frayed.

1. Prepare a bond for cloth. 

2. Put just a little bit of cloth bond directly to the part where thread breaks. 

3. It will dry in 1 or 2 minutes depending on the part you applied the bond. Once dry, the color of the bond will be inconspicuous.


We recommend that you take your sukajan to the cleaner’s once a year, unless you are in a hurry or in such a case(Please avoid dry cleaning). 

At laundry shops, washing is done while paying attention to embroidery fraying properly. 

And also, you will not be bothered by various troubles such as “color faded” or “feel has changed”. 

If professional hands, it will make a difference in the finished condition as well! 

Please do not spare money for your important sukajan.

Storage method

You can put the cover on your sukajan and put it in a box etc. 

However, there is a possibility that it folds if folded, so it is better to hang it in a closet. 

If you keep it with mothballs, it is safer.