Various patterns are embroidered in Sukajan, but what kind of design are there? 

Originally made as a souvenir in Japan, many will be Japanese style design. 

However, recently it has come to see Western-style design, too. 

Here, let's introduce the design which is regarded as the three major motifs of Sukajan.


The tiger familiar as a classic design, it is preferred by many people from its power. 

It is said to be the largest animal in the feline family living with the Asian continent.

The design with a tiger as a motif is not unique to Japan, but the tiger has been particularly popular among Asian animals from the past for people in America and Europe.

It is a perfect design for the wild image of Sukajan! 

There is a fear of extinction globally, it is thought that 100 thousand tigers were inhabited at the beginning of the 20th century, but now it has decreased to about 4000 heads. 

For that reason, protection activities are actively conducted all over the world.


As one of the three major motifs of Sukajan, a dragon is also cited. As you all know, the dragon is not a real creature but a Chinese legendary creature. It has long been considered as a very mysterious creature.

The dragon is easy to design with other motifs, especially the combination with the eagle and other hawks etc!

Although it is a moving dragon as if it is alive, along with its dynamics, it is somewhat elegant as well♪

So, it is recommended not only for men but also for women ~! 

It is said that the dragon lives in the water or in the ground, and that it calls thunder clouds and storms in a cry, turns into a tornado and rises to the sky.


It is the eagle that introduces at the end of the three major motifs. Alongside tiger and dragon, eagle is also popular design. 

There will be many people who like the elegant appearance of the eagle. 

Eagle's design is rather noisy, is not it simple that it is a feature? 

It might be to make a cool eagle stand out. 

Like the dragon, the eagle has been popular as a popular design for women♪

Among the birds belonging to the hawk family, a relatively large eye bird is called eagles. 

Conversely, relatively small eye birds are classified as hawks, but there is no clear distinction.

The eagle, which is also said to be "the bird champion", has been certified as a national bird in the United States, Mexico and elsewhere. 

In the same birds of prey like the eagle, there is also a popular hawk as a motif of embroidery in Sukajan.


As a three major motif, I have introduced the classic design of Sukajan, but let's look at other designs here as well.

Japanese style design boasts a strong popularity of designs such as Japan map, five-storied pagoda, Maiko, Mt. Fuji and so on. 

Especially, the maiko pattern is popular among many people following the three major motifs! 

In addition, Mt. Fuji can not be removed as a symbol of Japan. 

This has been said from ancient times that there are good things to see in the first dream.

It might be a good idea to look for such an auspicious Sukajan. 

Hannya is also a design that is well supported especially by men. 

In addition, recently designs that are likely to be feminine and Western style are increasing. 

Rabbits with rice cakes, hawaiian patterns with motifs of hula dance women, mermaid princess, various animals' characters are also popular!