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In recent, as part of street fashion, the Sukajan, a Japanese embroidered jacket, is more and more popular. Even so, the embroideries are too special to dress with the items which have the image of naughty when you compare the jackets to other outers. Many people think about that, right?

Now, following this quality, we are going to tell you the ways to wear smart with navy Sukajan.

After you read this article, you may realize how it is if you feel surprising and shout "What? It's too easy to dress up, isn't it?”


What color of Sukajan is great?

Once you know the history and features of Sukajan, it's time to think about "what color is cool when I'm matching Sukajan with other clothes?” Nonetheless, the many clothes in your wardrobe might be "black, white, grey" and "denim", don't you? So, the most suitable color for this kind of clothes, needless to say, must be NAVY blue.

The features of ease to dressing of Navy blue is much greater than other colors.


The fashionable styles for Navy blue Sukajan

Now, let's see some smart styles which dress with our protagonist, Sukajan.

Every style here will make you simple but smart, so I think it's easy to follow and dress.


The match of knit cap and sunglasses

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The picture here shows the match combining Navy blue Sukajan, navy blue knit cap and sunglasses. The style looks mature. The colors of knit cap and the striped shirt inside unite other clothes together and make the whole fashionable.

Plus, the high contrast of colors from red necklace is impressive, too. You can see the great compatibility of navy blue and red.

The styles with vivid long belts

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The following is bright Sukajan combining strongly red long belt. Combining other accessories which are white and navy blue, the existence of red inside is outstanding. It's a classic one for simple style.


The style with turtleneck

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A well suitable to collar design of Sukajan, it’s turtleneck. The style not only expresses the existence of Sukajan but also matches perfectly other slacks and simple turtleneck.

Furthermore, based on this style, you will exude higher classic temperament if you put shirts together.

The way to dress with slacks


Here is the style combined eye-catching Sukajan and tapered slacks. Combined wide Sukajan and tapered pants, the style makes you neat and balance.

Nowadays, the oversize clothes are popular as well, so wide tops are well-matching and easy to match with tapered pants.

The style with shirts


It’s the style for slim Sukajan, simple white shirt and tapered denim. It combines Sukajan and shirt pretty well. And then you won’t feel naughty from Sukajan but the feeling of neatness.

Finally, try it

How are these coordinates with Sukajan? As I mentioned at the beginning, the most of items to dress are simple and are the items that many people possess, right?

Everyone, let's hold this opportunity to find smart dress with Sukajan and try it.