Attraction of Souvenir Jacket … Some people say it is embroidery, others say it is color and fabric.
Some may feel charm in the backbone of the Souvenir Jacket.
It depends on each person how you feel charm.
What is the attraction of Souvenir Jacket you feel?

The biggest attraction is embroidery

When looking at Souvenir Jacket, is not it a brilliant embroidery that first jumps into your eyes?

Its design features Japanese patterns such as tiger, dragon and eagle, which are said to be the three major motifs of Souvenir jacket, apart from that Japanese maps, Mt.Fuji and Ukiyo-e, butterflies popular among women, recently skulls and hibiscus flowers.

Besides, there are various designs.
People who are interested in embroidery techniques, it would be interesting to focus on that.
There are japanese jackets that are embroidered with different techniques, so it will be fun to know the difference.

Flashy colors

Speaking of embroidery and other features of Souvenir Jacket that is eye-catching, I can not forget colors!
It is also one of the attractions of Souvenir jacket that has plenty of colors, such as black, red, blue, light blue, yellow, dark blue, pink and so on. 
Normally it gives a relatively calm impression, pastel colors such as light blue and pink, even if it becomes a Souvenir jacket, it is all flashy! 
It is strange to think that it is …

Am I the only one who think this lol?
Especially when a shiny fabric, it makes it more vivid in the eyes.
In this way, the atmosphere of the colors changes depending on the texture of the fabric.
Instead of collecting just the colors you like, the color that you think might be a bit flashy may be good.

It is not bad to try out colors you have never tried before.
You might find a color that suits you newly♪

How to enjoy yourself!

Let’s make your own way to enjoy Souvenir Jacket you choose!
Design, color, fabric … Let’s choose Souvenir Jacket according to the mood of the day!

Of course, do not forget to match it with your clothes♪
In addition, even in the same design, depending on satin or velvet, the atmosphere changes differently.
Each combination makes a completely different impression.

I think that there are many collectors saying “I prefer collecting than wearing Souvenir Jacket!”.
There are various people such as people who collect favorite designs, colors of their choice, vintage items, things bought abroad.
The old Souvenir Jacket also has many rare designs now. The Souvenir Jacket like that might be premiered right now!
If you have Souvenir Jacket not wearing for a while, why do not you pull out for a while …?