[HANATABIGAKUDAN] Peony and Shishi Reversible Sukajan

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Large embroidered in the center of the back is the Chinese lion, which came from China and has long been popular in Japan as a painting and craftwork.

Note the highly detailed embroidery, including the well-groomed fur and the characteristic body pattern!

Also, the intricacy of the waves and peonies drawn around the lion is also brilliant.

Peony" has been called "King of the Hundred Flowers" since ancient times. Because of their beautiful flowers, they are cultivated for ornamental purposes and are depicted in the Pillow Book and The Tale of Genji.

The material is 100% rayon satin fabric on both the front and back.
The ribs on the collar, cuffs, and hem are made of a wool/acrylic blend.

The color of the body is blue.

57cm/22.5″ 48cm/19″ 80cm/31.5″
M (US XS~S) 59cm/23″ 52cm/20.5″ 83cm/32.5″
L (US S~M) 62cm/24.5″ 56cm/22″ 85cm/33.5″
XL (US M~L) 64cm/25″ 60cm/23.5″ 87cm/34″
XXL  (US L~XL) 66cm/26″ 64cm/25″ 90cm/35.5″
The closing sizes are Japanese sizes.
We recommend that you choose a larger size.

[HANATABIGAKUDAN] Peony and Shishi Reversible Sukajan

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