Bomber jacket with a powerful score that boldly shows the state of the owl gliding in the autumn sky night sky.A masterpiece unique to HANATABIGAKUDAN that delineated the dignity of the owl, the wise man of the forest!
With the sun as background, the stern posture of fluttering owl is vivid. The loneliness of sunset, the clear shadow when sunset and the beginning hunting owl strengthen the contrast.    
Unique personality Sukajan, depicting "lucky cat" as a lucky baptism of business prosperity.Luck may fall into you too ...?
It is an Aloha shirt perfect for summer.Silk has a beautiful luster like pearls and a light and smooth touch,It is a material very compatible with human skin.Because it is natural fiber, it is difficult to generate static electricity,It is also excellent in hygroscopicity, moisture retention and moisture release.Fresh blue...
On the back, there is picture depicting the Benkei (弁慶), also named Oniwaka (鬼若丸), defeated monster of carp, the popular folk anecdote (鯉退治). Also, the background of Mt. Fuji and chrysanthemum arranged, strengthen the majesty and brightness. It's too vivid to be distinct from truth.    
Riders jacket embroidered cherry blossom in rows on shoulder yoke part and side ribs.Honestly adding an accent makes the polish more refined and impressive.It is made in China. CENTIMETRES | INCHES LENGTH CHEST SLEEVE M 59cm/23″ 52cm/20.5″ 63cm/25″ L 62cm/24.6″ 55cm/21.5″ 65cm/25.5″ XL 64cm/25″ 59cm/23″ 67cm/26.5″ XXL 67cm/26.5″ 63cm/25″ 69cm/27″...