[HANATABIGAKUDAN] Owl Silk Jacquard Aloha Shirts

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It is an Aloha shirt perfect for summer.
Silk has a beautiful luster like pearls and a light and smooth touch,
It is a material very compatible with human skin.
Because it is natural fiber, it is difficult to generate static electricity,
It is also excellent in hygroscopicity, moisture retention and moisture release.

Owls are known as auspicious birds in modern times.
It is regarded as a symbol of the goddess Athena even in the West, and popular birds that appear frequently in fantasy such as Harry Potter.

S 68cm 48cm 23cm
M 70cm 50cm 24cm
L 72cm 53cm 25cm
XL 74cm 56cm 26cm
XXL 75cm 59cm 27cm

[HANATABIGAKUDAN] Owl Silk Jacquard Aloha Shirts

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