[HANATABIGAKUDAN] Gasha Skull Ukiyoe Sukajan Jacket

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This is a boldly embroidered design of the Japanese yokai Gashadokuro, which is said to have taken the form of a giant skeleton from the skeletons and grudges of the unburied dead, such as those who died in battle and those who died in the field.

The gashadokuro is so famous that the Japanese artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi drew it in his ukiyoe.

Fuji, cherry blossoms, and waves are drawn around the skull, and the Ukiyoe style is well expressed on this jacket.

The material is 100% rayon satin fabric on both the front and back sides.
The ribs of the collar, cuffs, and hem are made of wool and acrylic blend.
The color is black on the front and blue on the sleeves.

57cm/22.5″ 48cm/19″ 80cm/31.5″
M (US XS~S) 59cm/23″ 52cm/20.5″ 83cm/32.5″
L (US S~M) 62cm/24.5″ 56cm/22″ 85cm/33.5″
XL (US M~L) 64cm/25″ 60cm/23.5″ 87cm/34″
XXL  (US L~XL) 66cm/26″ 64cm/25″ 90cm/35.5″
The closing sizes are Japanese sizes.
We recommend that you choose a larger size.


[HANATABIGAKUDAN] Gasha Skull Ukiyoe Sukajan Jacket

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