[HANATABIGAKUDAN] Cherry blossoms and Fox Souvnier Jacket

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The design depicts a fox turning around, a flying butterfly, and falling cherry blossom petals.

The design is made of light colors with a focus on warm-colored threads. The design is cute, but at the same time it has a calm elegance.

The material is 100% rayon satin fabric on the surface and 100% polyester satin fabric on the reverse side.

The ribs of the collar, cuffs, and hem are made of a wool-acrylic blend.
The color is black on the front and pink on the sleeves.

57cm/22.5″ 48cm/19″ 80cm/31.5″
M (US XS~S) 59cm/23″ 52cm/20.5″ 83cm/32.5″
L (US S~M) 62cm/24.5″ 56cm/22″ 85cm/33.5″
XL (US M~L) 64cm/25″ 60cm/23.5″ 87cm/34″
XXL  (US L~XL) 66cm/26″ 64cm/25″ 90cm/35.5″
The closing sizes are Japanese sizes.
We recommend that you choose a larger size.

[HANATABIGAKUDAN] Cherry blossoms and Fox Souvnier Jacket

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