[ULTRAMAN] Alien Baltan Space Ninja Souvenir Jacket


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This is a license product from the “Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd -” ULTRAMAN “that continues to be loved by many people across the border with generations and the 50 th anniversary in 2016.
The science patrol battles giant monsters and sinister aliens that threaten Earth. The show was produced by the tsuburaya productions, and was broadcast on tokyo.
Alien Baltan who is not exaggeration to say that it is the most famous among Ultraman monsters.
Those who have the synonym of the space ninja deliver a variety of techniques including fracture rays to frozen rays,
Among them, a unique design that emphasizes the division ability and recreates the scene with embroidery.
It is a very cool Alien Baltan Sukajan with a vintage-like retro feeling. It is also recommended for Bikers, Riders, collectors.sizechart.jpg