A piece of a dynamic drawing of a white tiger standing on its back. The composition looks like a white tiger facing Fuji, and the design gives you a sense of realism. The shade of the tiger's feet and the green grass arranged casually are drawn, making it a very...
Acala is a dharmapala primarily revered in Vajrayana Buddhism. Acala is seen as a protective deity particularly in Shingon traditions of Japan where he is known as Fudō Myō-ō.
A dynamic design embroidered with a carp flying high against the background of the autumn night sky. A rayon jacquard is used in a circle imitating the moon, and it shines brightly by reflecting light. The reversible side is plain.
It is a powerful bomber jacket in which the ferocious bear against the full moon was dropped ☆The expression of bear's coat and lunar surface is a splendid workmanship beyond the frame of embroidery! !
The souvenir jacket is embroidered large eagle with full moon as background. With brown as base, the pattern depicts desolate atmosphere. You even can see how delicate it is from the portrait of hazy moon and shadow.
This is a powerful Japanese jacket depicting a rising carp of a lively dynamism ☆Ultra-hard style that makes Japanese Pattern fans feel healthy! !
Combination with Kanō Sanraku (狩野山楽)'s tiger, prosperous bamboo and wind, the fantastic souvenir jacket is conspicuous.