The expressions of the roaring yellow tiger, the embroidery colors are also energetic!
It is a cool Souvenir Jacket with a powerful pattern, sharpness.Cool shade is easy to coordinate.
When the white tiger going through the wild waves came back, beautiful cherry blossoms illuminated by a big crescent moon are in full bloom.In the back, the figure of a white tiger is drawn largely.
A piece of a dynamic drawing of a white tiger standing on its back. The composition looks like a white tiger facing Fuji, and the design gives you a sense of realism. The shade of the tiger's feet and the green grass arranged casually are drawn, making it a very...
Among cloud, the white dragon appears and white tiger looks up at the dragon. In Japanese way, combination of dragon, tiger and cherry blossoms, these motif creates a gem-like item.
In Chinese folk culture, Zhong Kui (鍾馗) is the God who exorcises and is familiar to people.
A work of intense impact of a black tiger in crimson velvet. The early souvenir jackets were focused on the acetate's reversible specification but there were also velveteen models at the time for variations. Based on vintage of the mid-50’s, there is yellow and red gradations embroidered in the eyes...
The expression of a tiger is drawn with a pop illustration, so it is a Japanese pattern Sukajan that can be worn comfortably.