Two dragons of gold and silver appearing in the dark are embroidered. The figure decorated with astringent gold and silver is dignified and has a profound feeling!
A dynamic design embroidered with a carp flying high against the background of the autumn night sky. A rayon jacquard is used in a circle imitating the moon, and it shines brightly by reflecting light. The reversible side is plain.
Combination with Kanō Sanraku (狩野山楽)'s tiger, prosperous bamboo and wind, the fantastic souvenir jacket is conspicuous.
LENGTH CHEST RAGLAN SLEEVE S (US XXS~XS) 57cm/22.5″ 48cm/19″ 80cm/31.5″ M (US XS~S) 59cm/23″ 52cm/20.5″ 83cm/32.5″ L (US S~M) 62cm/24.5″ 56cm/22″ 85cm/33.5″ XL (US M~L) 64cm/25″ 60cm/23.5″ 87cm/34″ XXL  (US L~XL) 66cm/26″ 64cm/25″ 90cm/35.5″ Notes The closing sizes are Japanese sizes.We recommend that you choose a larger size.
White wolf embroidery that can be said to be an icon of SATORI. By combining cherry blossoms with a wolf, it has become an unprecedented color and gorgeous design! The moon is also real and powerful! LENGTH CHEST RAGLAN SLEEVE S (US XXS~XS) 57cm/22.5″ 48cm/19″ 80cm/31.5″ M (US XS~S) 59cm/23″...
While cherry blossoms dance in the sky, the dragons that swell as if stitching between the clouds are expressed with precise and colorful embroidery. The eyes with sharp power give Satori's unique cool impression.
A piece of a dynamic drawing of a white tiger standing on its back. The composition looks like a white tiger facing Fuji, and the design gives you a sense of realism. The shade of the tiger's feet and the green grass arranged casually are drawn, making it a very...