Chrysanthemum and arabesque pattern
The rabbit whose hair is white is eyes bright with red,The contrast of the two colors is a beautiful animal. In this embroidery, only white and red are used, including sub motifs, the character of rabbit is more emphasized. ・Reversible
Characters drawn by pop touch are cute!A gorgeous dragon is embroidered on the back, and hawks are drawn on the front.There is a sense of vintage.The reversible side is plain.
Penguins are birds that live in Antarctica and the surrounding islands. Wild penguins do not inhabit Japan. However, it is said that the number of penguins raised in Japan is relatively large among the world. Do not miss adorable penguins!
It is a Japanese jacket that reproduced the nostalgic scenery.The texture of the straw and the seams of the board, etc. are precisely expressed to detail.
Ryu × Tiger on the map of Japan ... It is a preeminent Bomber jacket with a vintage taste. A dragon tiger 's tasteful expression looks awful.
Japan map with the name of the city on the back.A hawk and a dragon confront each other across the map!It is a hawk and a dragon with a retro atmosphere.The back side is plain.