It's co-product with the corporation with many popular characters, Sanrio, started with Hello Kitty. As the favorite character, from the unique product cannot be found in other corporation, the Sukajan themed by Hello Kitty, to normal Suakjan, they have various designs.
This time the taste is changed a little, a lovely frog is adopted as the main character of the motif.It is a wildlife caricature design which frogs look like human beings.A beautiful lotus flower is floating on the surface of the water.At the front, a frog on the left chest...
This is a unique and pop design that expresses a skull with small cherry blossoms.A lot of casual feelin!
A souvenir jacket with embroidered cherry and goldfish, a classic Japanese pattern. The basic design is attractive. Realistic cherry blossoms and goldfish are embroidered on the right sleeve. Vermilion embroidery looks great on the blue sleeves. This item is especially recommended for those who want embroidery on their sleeves.
While cherry blossoms dance in the sky, the dragons that swell as if stitching between the clouds are expressed with precise and colorful embroidery. The eyes with sharp power give Satori's unique cool impression.
The skeleton of shirabyoshi (traditional Japanese dancer) was embroidered with the cluster amaryllis and the funnel.It is a mysterious design where you can feel some elegance in the fear of your spine getting cold!
Souvenir Jacket expressing the masterpiece movie “Godzilla” is appearing!Embroidery expresses the expression of the original Godzilla’s dignity and the texture of a robust body like a rock.With a chic design that reduced the number of colors, it is a sukajan with a luxurious feel that features dense three-dimensional embroidery and...
Based on pink and black cloth, a white peacock surrounded by chrysanthemum is fascinated.