Dragons appear from the dark. It is a sober design with dark fabric embroidered with silver and gray.The calm colors and exquisite dragon's expression and appearance match perfectly.
Two dragons of gold and silver appearing in the dark are embroidered. The figure decorated with astringent gold and silver is dignified and has a profound feeling!
Characters drawn by pop touch are cute!A gorgeous dragon is embroidered on the back, and hawks are drawn on the front.There is a sense of vintage.The reversible side is plain.
Rising dragons are drawn along the green sleeves. LENGTH CHEST RAGLAN SLEEVE S (US XXS~XS) 57cm/22.5″ 48cm/19″ 80cm/31.5″ M (US XS~S) 59cm/23″ 52cm/20.5″ 83cm/32.5″ L (US S~M) 62cm/24.5″ 56cm/22″ 85cm/33.5″ XL (US M~L) 64cm/25″ 60cm/23.5″ 87cm/34″ XXL  (US L~XL) 66cm/26″ 64cm/25″ 90cm/35.5″ Notes The closing sizes are Japanese sizes.We recommend...
 A souvenir jacket with the motif of the character "RYU" of "Street Fighter 2", a famous synonym for fighting games, has appeared. High-quality rayon fabric woven to resemble silk has a good sleeve and cool texture. It is designed with the motif of one of the main characters, "RYU", and...
While cherry blossoms dance in the sky, the dragons that swell as if stitching between the clouds are expressed with precise and colorful embroidery. The eyes with sharp power give Satori's unique cool impression.
Among cloud, the white dragon appears and white tiger looks up at the dragon. In Japanese way, combination of dragon, tiger and cherry blossoms, these motif creates a gem-like item.
Two major motifs of the legend ... Embroidered Souvenir Jacket which phoenix × dragon was dropped into the whole.A superb masterpiece with superb feeling both in appearance and wearing feeling!