Jacket Size Exchange Guarantee

Recently I was looking at the auction and I liked a clothes so I bought it!

But the size was too big and unfortunately I couldn’t wear it,,,

Moreover, There was no option for returning so I sadly had to sell it again....

Everyone would be going through similar experience and while online shopping what bothers are that if the size fits or not!

The disadvantage of online shopping is you can not try it until the product reaches you.

It may turn to be a big failure buying online as there are chances of no returning or exchanging.

Specially if you buy from abroad, there must be various things to be worried about!

But do not worry!!!

SUKAJACK accepts size exchange of Souvenir Jacket.

The other day,

a customer inquired us with the size exchange as it did not fit them, 

and we have exchanged the size!

We were glad to hear that the exchanged size fitted them perfectly♪

Details of Return/Exchange are described in SHIPPING & PAYMENTS.

Describe the order number and your desired size that you wish to exchange and message us on  CONTACT US page. 

First we would check the stock if the size you desire is available or not. 

If the desired size is not available, 

we will exchange the purchased product with another product in the same price range,

so please let us know your favorite item. 

We will follow firmly with the return method so please feel relaxed! 

In addition, 

we had inquiry about Raglan Sleeves measurement method from a customer while exchanging the product. 

The measurement method will be from center of the collar till the sleeve tip!

Please make sure that you are not measuring from the center of the collar!

If you look at wearing image of SIZE GUIDE

it would be easier for you to choose the size for yourself. 

If you are the average physique of adult men from Europe and United States,

L to XL would be the size for you. 

The souvenir Jacket size will be for japan, 

L size would correspond to S to M of the Western Size. 

It would be better for women to choose from S to L size. 

Please feel free to inquire us if there is a problem while selecting the size♪

  • Oct 21, 2017
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